Corey Johnson (forensicsdoc) wrote,
Corey Johnson

today was kind of numb.
at least I have terrific friends that make me feel a whole lot better.

Here's to Davis, Susannah, Jon, Zac, Crystal, Lee, and Alfredo.

I've got a friend base that doesn't let me stop smiling.

you guys need medals, and I should print them off.

really, stewart. this essay is asinine.

anybody else feel like her eyes are after your soul?

yeah. soooooo not going to the homecoming dance. waste of money. waste of time.

while I'm at it-- anti-"School dance" partay (yes, a par-*tay*) at my house on the 8th, maybe.

really depends on whether hollis can get enough entries for the tournament.

tomorrow will be better. I'm going to make it better.

g'night all

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