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P.S.- this is what the alphabet would look like with Q and R removed [entries|friends|calendar]
Corey Johnson

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[September 29th, 2005]
I'm deleting this journal.
i've become bored with the username.
maybe something better later...
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[September 29th, 2005]
susannah, jon.
you guys get like ultra-mega-uber friend points.
you two rock.
thanks for defending me and helping me say what needed to be said...even if it fell upon deaf ears.
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[September 27th, 2005]
And I'm tired of making friends, and I'm tired of making time,
And I'm sick to death of love, and I'm sick to death of trying.
And it's easier for you, yeah it's easier for you.
And it's easier for you, yeah it's easier for you.
I've been listening to Salome by the Old 97's a lot recently.
not because i'm sad or anything--mainly because it's a really great song.

I am really really tired.
I'm going to bed now.

[September 27th, 2005]
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[September 26th, 2005]
biggest instance of deja-vu...

[September 25th, 2005]
it's weekends like this that I realize how much that I treasure just talking to my friends.
it's a shame i couldn't see anybody this weekend.
I did end up getting to see Corpse Bride because I helped my mom with an hour's worth of computer problems :\
It was brilliant. I loved it. I really wanna see it again.
it really is a shame we didn't get to do that NES thing saturday.

this weekend, though.
this weekend.

mario calls.
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[September 24th, 2005]
crap crap crap crap crap!

not a normal saturday, folks.

No video game tournament at my place.

I hate my mother.

she has no logic whatsoever.

[September 23rd, 2005]
so, apparently, doing my homework just isn't enough these days.
apparently, an effort isn't enough these days.
apparently, studying isn't enough these days.
apparently, trying to stay organized isn't enough these days.

I miss the days when I could try my best and be appreciated for it.
oh, wait. I never had those days.

now, my best isn't good enough, and I'm stuck at home all weekend studying one chapter of Chemistry.

so what I made some bad grades on quizzes, at least I studied for them.
oh well, I screwed up, I'll study harder.
This forced-punishment-study stuff is utter nonsense.

How the hell am I going to study one chapter all weekend.

It's not even the chapter we're on!!!

should I be punished for making an effort?!

won't be on the net much this weekend.
the saturday thing is still on unless I state otherwise.


my parents suck.

[September 23rd, 2005]
Must I wait for a weekend to allow the world to crumble in on me?
I have my own questions, I have my own answers, I have my own problems; I have my own solutions.
I sit and watch, involved, yet detached, as the world passes me by.
I’m the observer, the seer, the recorder; words are my expression; life is merely an inspiration to a story I’ll never finish writing. Like my unfinished stories, my unfinished life truly stems from things not starting.

I am alone, yet I have friends that care about me.
I am sad, yet I feel so happy.
I am not present, though I am most obviously here.

I am an oxymoron.
Emphasis on the moron, please.

I have ideas, yet they never see fruition
I have dreams, but I don’t let them grow.
I have the strength, but I don’t have the will.

I lack drive; I have the motivation
I lack care; I know it matters
I lack courage; it’s my greatest non-existent strength.

I am at peace with not being at peace.

I love, but it goes unnoticed by the glassy eyes of the modern world
I care, but it gets lost in humor and sarcasm
I try, but my own mind brings me down

I have put myself down for the count, and I struggle with myself as I bring me to my knees.

I need.
I need goals for the school year, that aren’t about getting decent grades.
I need a task; a challenge—not this boring humdrum.
I need to ask myself what I feel before I figure out everyone else.

Actively, I must enter my own life, for if I continue to look from the sidelines, it’ll pass me by without a second glance.

On a lighter note—
Of the people I have not yet heard from—namely Zach, Davis, Crystal, Beth, and Jon—can anybody make it to this little fledgling NES tournament (in place of the karaoke thing), on Saturday?
If so, what time are you guys free?
Damn, guys. It’s another boring weekend in the life of Corey.

I love forensics.
I love the people in forensics.
I love the people I hate in forensics.
I love what happens on forensics trips, it gives me a chance to reflect on myself based on the actions of others.
I love being in that class.
I love the pieces I do.
I love it.
It never fails to make me extremely happy, and I like being happy.

[September 23rd, 2005]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. british accents:
    Best thing ever. when paired with liberal thinking of course.
    there was this really hot girl at a forensics tournament once with a british accent. Turned out she was a Republican.
    can't have it all, can you?
  2. dogma:
    one of kevin smith's better films. It rips catholocism to shreds. frigging hilarious
  3. flying spaghetti monsterism:
    have you been touched by His Noodley Appendage?
    best religious satire ever.
  4. gorillaz:
    a really good band; Demon Days was sheer ecstacy.
    I hope any followup they do is as good.
  5. japan:
    best country ever. enough said.
  6. mallrats:
    funniest of kevin smith's movies by far, but not his most thought-provoking.
  7. not voting for pedro:
    yeah, I really wish the Napoleon Dynamite craze wouldn't have gotten as big as it did. it's a shame, too. it was good the first 300 times.
  8. sharpies:
    gotta love them. they're very useful for writing on pretty much anything
  9. taking skinheads bowling:
    every day, I get up and pray to Ja,
    and he increases the number of clocks by exactly one.
  10. they might be giants:
    I love them.
    so much.
    the perfect band makes any day better,
    and this is that perfect band.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.


[September 22nd, 2005]
ok, then

new saturday idea!


we start with mario,
we work up to mario 2 and 3

who has an NES?

I have a toploader,
with Mario 1-3
and 2-3 controllers

saturday/next saturday

on another note--best mime idea for forensics--Super Mario Brothers
Me--mario and koopas, davis--luigi,koopas, and bowser. susannah (maybe)--princess toadstool, koopas, other.

yeah, awesome idea.
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[September 22nd, 2005]
so, new icon.
i'm liking the hell out of it.

i seem to be getting a hang of this animation stuff.

[September 22nd, 2005]
I feel guilty saying it...
but I really want to see Roll Bounce

[September 22nd, 2005]

so, where the hell is everybody?

[September 21st, 2005]
i don't know. i just don't know.

something to do saturday?
i'm bored of karaoke, and i'm not sure if i want to turn it into some ritual.
something new is what I want.

stereotypical school situation for me.
cliche maybe

[September 21st, 2005]
i hate homework
i also hate conflicting emotions that i have to work out.
everything's so busy lately.

[September 20th, 2005]
today was kind of numb.
at least I have terrific friends that make me feel a whole lot better.

Here's to Davis, Susannah, Jon, Zac, Crystal, Lee, and Alfredo.

I've got a friend base that doesn't let me stop smiling.

you guys need medals, and I should print them off.

really, stewart. this essay is asinine.

anybody else feel like her eyes are after your soul?

yeah. soooooo not going to the homecoming dance. waste of money. waste of time.

while I'm at it-- anti-"School dance" partay (yes, a par-*tay*) at my house on the 8th, maybe.

really depends on whether hollis can get enough entries for the tournament.

tomorrow will be better. I'm going to make it better.

g'night all

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[September 19th, 2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

isn't amazing how things can go so disastrously wrong so quickly?

goodnight, all.


[September 18th, 2005]
so I guess I need a homecoming date again...

shame it didn't work out.
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[September 18th, 2005]
my new e-mail address is meetjamesensor@gmail.com

...not that anybody ever emails me.

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